About Batbox

Batbox can trace its roots back to the late 70’s when David King became interested in bats and using his electronics experience he built some of the first bat detectors – well modified transistor radios.

As interest grew in his local area of Cornwall and Devon, David expanded his hobby into a business and Stag Electronics was born. Developing and building various bat detectors and recorders over the years. The company then changed its name to Batbox Ltd in 2004, on the basis that everyone referred to their bat detector as a bat box!

David has been a keen musician all of his life and can be seen here playing Lauro Vals No1 “Tatiana” on a George Lowden steel-strung guitar


In April 2019 David and Sheila retired from Batbox, to concentrate on their bat survey work. The company that included the bat detector electronics was purchased by John Tyrrell, the company moved offices and has begun a development program of new products and services.

Batbox will always continue to grow and evolve as our knowledge and understanding of bats develops.


John Tyrrell – trained as an electronics engineer in the early 80’s before moving in technical sales of sensors and measurement systems with customers such as Airbus, BAE, Formula 1 Race Teams, Landrover and many more.

In April 2017 he took over Total Tension Solutions Ltd a UK based manufacturer of web tension systems. This was followed by Batbox in 2019 and Nortest in 2020.

John has a passion for delivering the best measurement solutions, whether it be;

  • Load and force for tension
  • Ultrasonic sonar for bats
  • Rubber and composite testing.