Bat Surveys

Bat Surveys

… for landowners, building contractors, environmental consultants, local authority and private individuals

… we are all sharing space with bats

Up until April 2019, Batbox offered survey work from our in-house team, this service is now provided by David and Sheila at Batscan Ltd.

Batscan Ltd – Surveys for Sussex and South East

Batscan is a team of bat experts, who hold Natural England scientific licences. They can assist clients with the application for  Natural England Bat Mitigation licences, including Low Impact licences and will work to achieve the best outcome for both developers and the bats. Surveys are usually required at the planning stage, where building work or development might affect bats. Their service includes advice on compensation, mitigation and monitoring.

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Email –  – Telephone – 01903 810119

We are looking to add further ecologists and companies to our Bat Survey list – please email for the further information.